About HTURA Wooden Jigsaw Puzzles Story

by htura

About HTURA Wooden Jigsaw Puzzles Story

Our Story
Hello! Welcome to our happy place. we create some of the world's most elegant jigsaw puzzles bringing puzzlers beautiful and detailed imagery in a variety of styles, piece counts and unique packaging.

HTURA Puzzles, cut using the latest laser technology, are fabricated from premium quality woods and inks, guaranteeing a durable heirloom product that is designed to be shared over generations.

Our whimsy pieces and puzzle cut patterns are all hand-drawn by our designer here. The unique cuts in every puzzle reflect the imagination and mischievousness of our different designers who throw in funky whimsical shapes, tricks and teasers to make each puzzle a challenging and entertaining experience.

Whimsy pieces are cut in the shapes of recognizable objects, such as characters, animals, or complex geometric shapes. All of our puzzles contain as many whimsy pieces as we can fit, usually comprising 15-20% of the total. That's a lot of whimsy pieces! Oftentimes the whimsy pieces are carefully designed and crafted to match the theme of each puzzle image. Sometimes whimsy pieces are located near each other as part of a group of characters (interrelating whimsy pieces) or are made up of several interlocking pieces (complex whimsy pieces).

*Independent design, copyright protection
*Great as a gift, intellectual development, the bond of friendship
*Eco ingredients: 100% natural wood, harmless and non-toxic glue
*Every puzzle set includes unique themed shapes & intricate whimsy cuts
*Each puzzle is a story! Every detail is art

Our twirly shapes are quite unique and seem to have their own crazy personality. We hope you will find hours of enjoyment when assembling our puzzles. Add these Wooden Jigsaw Puzzles by HTURA to your cart today!

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