About Us

  • Htura is the shapewear with a secret. It sheds pounds like nobody's business. Our goal is to help you change, shape and shatter those little insecurities you may have. Because there's nothing stopping you on the way to the top.
  • We have always believed that every woman is beautiful in her own unique way. What we can do is to provide women with top quality products so that they can enjoy a better experience and show their beauty. Whether it's for everyday life or sports, we can support it all.
  • Fashion should fit everyone, regardless of your age, body type or shape. Striving for inclusivity, we make fashion products that make our customers feel confident and comfortable at all times.
  • We always want to keep improving, growing and learning. This is why we are constantly innovating so that we can offer you the best products possible. We also love to hear from our customers. So if you have any ideas, questions or comments, please let us know! Contact us by phone, email, social media or our contact page.